My Favorite Work:
ILLENIUM - Ashes to Ashes Youtube Visualizer Mix 04
EXCISION - 2022 Lost Lands Detox Visual Packages
DABIN - 2022 Sanctuary Tour Visuals
MITIS - 2022 Creative Director | Tour Visuals & Festival Packages
ARMNHMR -Brand Design Lead | 2022 Tour Visuals Pack | Assistant Tour Manager
JASON ROSS - 2022 ATLAS Tour Visuals and Album Visualizer
SIDEPIECE - 2021-22 Festival Visuals
DYLAN MATTHEW - 2022 Tour Visuals and Intro
HALIENE - HEAVENLY Tour Brand and Visuals Direction  | Album Covers
BIJOU - Diamond City EP | Festival Visuals | DnD Creative Direction
ANGELZ - GOD$ EP Visuals Package
YULA - 2022 Lost In Dreams Festival Package and Tour Visuals
Labels & MGMT:
My Work:
OPHELIA RECORDS -  Jason Ross Atlas Album Visualizer | YT Visualizers
NEVER SAY DIE BLACK LABEL - KRIMER Zero Day EP visual releases
BASSWEIGHT RECORDS- Calcium (Feat. Pi$sces) - FWYS (Official Gawm
SAVAGE SOCIETY - Show/ Tour visuals
DND RECS - Complete Rebrand Director Overhaul 2023 | Various EP Releases
PRODIGY ARTISTS - Superflo Academy Show Banner and Festival Visuals
My Work:
PROXIMITY - Visual content for their Youtube Channel (Video, Canvas, Artwork)
 - Used 2 You (feat. Marlhy) - OddKidOut
EDM MANIAC - Livestream Visuals
EDM MOVEMENT - Visuals for personal projects
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