Parallel is a television show I created myself. The purpose of Parallel is to hear the success of the elite minds of the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Industry, giving them a chance to be interviewed and record a live in-studio performance. 
It is formatted to fit a 30 minute TV show and can be edited into bite size web-content for mobile platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and IGTV.

Welcome to Parallel. 
The show about EDM culture. Finding your way into the EDM scene isn’t the easiest route. We’re going to dive deep into the elite minds of industry to talk about their accomplishments, personal struggles and overall journey to give you, the audience, pointers on how to get in. Whether you are a Producer, Lighting Technician, Visual Jockey, Dancer, Promoter, Musician, and more, We’re going to see what REALLY the hype is about and teach you the secrets. 
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